The AQUA BILLBOARD BOAT from Eye To Eye Media LLC will give you the most direct contact to your consumers, face to face…EYE TO EYE with our large boat mounted L.E.D. Digital Video BILLBOARD!  The AQUA BILLBOARD cruises just off the beaches from Atlantic City to Cape May daily, from May to September.

The AQUA BILLBOARD is a “new and unique” opportunity to promote the business you own or manage.  It sails slowly along, and just off the beaches.  Hundreds of thousands, even millions, flock to our beaches here in South Jersey. 

The AQUA BILLBOARD will compliment any advertising campaign you currently have in place.  You can continue to use radio, print and even static roadside billboards, but no other media will do what The AQUA BILLBOARD can do for your advertising. 

The AQUA BILLBOARD BOAT is more dynamic and noticable than a banner plane.
It will capture your audience’s attention everyday, all summer long, with colorful moving digital ads.  It won't be ignored by the millions of beach goers as they relax in the sun and soak up YOUR MESSAGE!
430 Woodbine Road,  Woodbine, NJ 08270
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