EYE TO EYE MEDIA is your best source for value-driven,
eye catching professional digital mobile marketing services. 

Eye To Eye Media L.L.C. has boat and trailer mounted DIGITAL L.E.D. screens that can be positioned at highly attended events including but not limited to, area conventions, concerts, professional sports events, car and boat races, as well as other local and regional special events and along the Jersey beaches. Exposing your message to millions of eyes!

We have over 30 years of collective knowledge and experience that gives us a unique advantage in providing professional marketing services to local and national companies.  We are able to provide the most value and innovation per dollar spent by providing a satisfaction guarantee for every service provided.

Many Benefits for Local and National Businesses
“South Jersey’s business community will be the primary market for our company. However, national companies will be inclined to use our services to capitalize on the mass visibility of ads” says Michael James, President of Eye To Eye Media LLC. “The business size that we service can be relatively small because the cost per month could be as little as $500.00 or less! Services can be scaled up to meet
the needs of larger clients. Due to the focus and expertise of the business, along with a CPM below
the national average, The AQUA BILLBOARD and The BILLBOARD-TO-GO SUPER SCREEN can offer a client millions of impressions every day, EYE TO EYE!”

“Outdoor advertising reaches people on-the-go and offers extremely
targeted messaging designed to intercept consumers.”
Source: Outdoor Advertising Association of America 
Outdoor mobile video billboard advertising is the most cost-effective and innovative way to advertise a product/service.  

This AWESOME medium allows companies to attain exceptional audience attention from their target market. It’s a very inexpensive way to reinforce any existing advertising/branding campaign.  The Product Acceptance & Research Institute of Washington, DC conducted a study that calculated the consumer awareness and memory retention levels between static billboards and video billboards
(ones that used motion and lights). The results found that 94% of consumers remembered the video billboards and only 43% recalled the static billboards. 

EYE TO EYE MEDIA, LLC’s digital advertisements will generate excellent exposure and high-impact impressions that are exceptional for brand awareness and recognition. They complement existing marketing campaigns very well.  More importantly, they reach audiences missed by traditional broadcast and print media at a fraction of the cost.

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